Got Our Mountain Climbing Equipment!

Finally! Finally! Finally! Yes, we finally got it. It’s here, it’s real, and ready to secure you on our cliff tops Our two local guys have been trained as mountain climbing instructors already few months ago and have patiently waited for weeks for the equipment to arrive. Helmets, ropes, shoes and enough harnesses for a group of 6/8 climbers have…

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Conservation Guardians raises funds with a 67km’s paddle on Mandela Day

On Mandela Day 2018 Conservation Guardians committed to paddle 67km’s around the Shongweni  dam, in a quest to raise desperately needed funds for those basic needs we require to continue building the reserve and saving the biodiversity that few people recognize as the most basic foundation to the beauty we all enjoy. Just as Mandela Day calls for 67 minutes of community work, Conservation…

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